SEMS Administration Tool


First Use of SEMS Application


Login. 1

Website Initialization. 1

Insertion Constraints. 2

Measured Parameters. 2



*         Access to SEMS website using the following URL:


*         Click hyperlink named login at the top of the welcome page.

*         You are redirect to a login page.  SEMS has a default administration account :

§  User Name: *******

§  Password: ******

*         Insert the required login parameters and click login. You are redirect into administration welcome page.

§  Welcome page consists of three submenus:

*    Customer Management: administrator is able to search a customer, add events, gateways, terminals and boats.

*    Product Management: administrator is able to add products, installers, and checkout orders for customers.

*    Access Management: administrator is able manage the access right for administrator’s accounts and customers’ accounts.

Website Initialization

*         To be able to use SEMS Tool, the following steps must be done respectively:

§  First, Create a new partner (Customer Management -> Partners -> add new partner).

§  Create device types for example Ship, Fridge, Air conditioner (Product Management -> product -> add new product).

§  Add products items in the stocks (Terminal Model, Gateway Model and Sensor). Each product belongs to a specific partner: (Product Management ->)

§  Add new installers for each partner if they are needed.

§  After the previous steps have been done, SEMS administrators and partners are now able to use SEMS application to add and build their components.

*         SEMS application is designed to be used either by SEMS Administrator or by a SEMS’ partner. The right of access is different from the one to the other.

§  SEMS Administrator Accounts belong to Administration Group and they have full access to SEMS Tool.

§  SEMS Administrator is able to create a new Role/Group, and give their access’s rights.

§  Partner accounts are belong to Partner Group and they have a full access except:

*    Partner Management

*    Permission and Role Management

*    Access to customers and sites who do not belong to this partner

*    Add/Edit  a product

*    Delivery a product for a partner

§  Partners are able to create new account to manage only their sites

§  SEMS Administrator are able to create accounts which mange either only one partner or all of them

Insertion Constraints

§  Each Site/Event consists can have several gateways and devices:

*    User inserts the device number and it is accepted in case it is not used by another device.

*    The device number is attributed for its new terminal except if the number is used by another terminal. Otherwise, it takes the last terminal number in the site plus one.

*    To avoid any ambiguities, it is recommended to get the measured data for activated terminals that developer creates a SQL request for terminals that have version “new” and state “active”.

*    Gateway and Terminal Identifier are unique in the entire database.

*    Contact message is sent only to partner who has the right to receive contact messages (a copy for each account belongs to that partner).





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